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Hi, my name is Ray and I started using many moons ago as a past-time and way of unwinding after long days in my abattoir and wholesale meat business. I was pretty upset when Flutter was swallowed up by Betfair and resisted becoming a member of Betfair as long as possible. I had and still have no problems with Betfair, which of course is still the leading betting exchange in the world. I have always believed that it is better to have competition in any market place and therefore when Betdaq started up offering free commission it was an easy choice for me to use their site. I have only ever deposited £200 into my Betdaq account which was probably about 5 years ago. I started my trading on the financial markets, mainly FTSE and DOW daily's and then started to look for markets with more liquidity which led me to horse racing and football. I am not a form expert and rarely look at any form before I trade in racing markets as all I look for is which horse is in front and likely to win or which fancied horse looks beat. My idea with this blog is to just let people know that it is possible to make a very good living on the betting exchanges and to give me some sort of interaction with other full-timers or part-timers that are thinking of turning full-time.


Good food, fine wine, fast cars, football, racing, Oceans 11 & 12, James Bond,