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Andy Fuller

Good to see you back posting mate - it has been a long time! See you at the Daq soon!

Account Deleted

Hi Ray, nice to see you back. I'm wandering around Asia right now and am currently in Manila.

I've archived the old radio shows and if you want a link for yours please let me know.

Take care, mate, good to see you again.

Mind Games


I just found your blog and have read a few of your posts, very interesting! I have been trading for a couple of years but mainly pre-race.

How do you select the races you are going to trade in running and do you normally look to back or lay? Do you have experience in rating the performance of horses in running?

Mind Games

The Sports Trader

Thanks Andy and's good to be back and I hope we can continue where we left off.

Mind Games - I really do not select races I try to trade every race. I do favour races with a field of up to 8 and with a strong favourite, these just seem easier to trade, less colours to learn and therefore less potential for mistakes. I do not rate horses as I am no good at it, I just watch the race and look for tell tale signs of horses either going well or bad and then back or lay accordingly.

Good Luck to you all



Hi Ray,

Well I can't believe it... you are back, just as gangster John T has gone on holiday to Spain!!!. Just happened to have a quick look for the Christmas message and nearly choked on me Aero bar!!! Hope you are OK and have got on top of all your personal problems. They really have gone on for a long time Ray. Are you still in the same region or have you moved a long way?

On the betting front, how are you doing with the new system of 2.5 goals that you were testing? anything to report?

Anyway as I say great to have you back and to see you are still making money !!

Kind regards,


Ray Atkins

Hi Clive, it's great to hear from you and sorry about your aero. I thought I would take on the baton as John is away.

My problems are not over just a little more manageable at the moment. With not having a partner/wife things are always going to be a bit trying.

I have only moved a mile further south of Glasgow, so we are right on the edge of the suburbs and the countyside. It's a great location for us and the children are very happy.

I have only traded a few games on the under 2.5 goals market but will soon get into gear with it.

Good Luck


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I read your post. it was amazing.Your thought process is wonderful.


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