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Ray, nice to see you had a good week, especially trading the footy. I've been reading your blog a while now and have mentioned it in my blog @ Wondered if you could stick up a link for me. Cheers.


Hi Ray

Congratulations on another good week. I noticed that you have not been on the snooker this week (UK Open), was this due to a lack of opportunities or you just did not watch it? Because of the very nature of snooker with its ups and downs do you have any particular trading strategies purely for snooker?

All the best


Morning! Your article is included in Trading profits and Spoiling it all ( ) of ( ). Congrats on that performance! I'm sure there will be more of those weeks to follow!

Dublin Goat

Keep up the great work Ray.
Have a great Crimbo and here is to a healthy and profitable 2008.

Cheers and a Guinness from Dublin
Gareth the Goat.


Thanks for stopping by at blog ( Very interesting stuff u got there. Now i know where spend more money!!! haha, just joking. Good profits for you there, may the turning of the new year will not turn your good fortunes pear shape!!! Cheers!!!


Thanks for all the comments left here. I will add links to the blogs mentioned over the next couple of days.


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