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Its a good job Betdaq is still in business or we would all be up the creek.


I spoke to the PURPLE last week

They are offering a 2% fixed rate until the 31st December 08

Simply email and they will do the rest

They tell me they are working on software and are giving a version out free at the end of this month by all accounts?

They tell me Gruss and Bet Angel are already on the case.

Fantastic video on You Tube type in Betfair Premium Charges – Priceless

The Sports Trader

Thanks for the comments Sylvia and Carolyn. I have seen the Fagan clip and will put it on the front page tomorrow.



My Betdaq account is set at 2% and is ready to go. Could be doomsday for Betfair on Monday, I can still see a big u turn but the damage is done and nobody trusts them.

Sylvia xxxxxxxxxx


An good response to Betdaq's 'ghost' video:

ian long

are there any trading platforms out there like bet angel to trade the markets on betdaq ? If not, how do you do it ?

The Sports Trader

Hi Ian,

I do not use a trading platform, just the standard site. I know many people think it is impossible to trade without these tools but I have just got used to the site the way it is.

I know that Bet Angel and Gruss are looking at introducing tools to use with Betdaq and I will try them out to see if they make a difference for me.

Good Luck with your trading.


ian long

thanks Ray,
your response was greatly appreciated.
all the best

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