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Hey Ray
Would be a shame to see your blog fade. I like to see how you are getting on.

How is your lad getting on with his foray into trading. Has he managed to keep the 1% target trading on the unders?

As for me I had a bad day today - Wednesday as I made a proper mess of trading on a race and did it while it was in running and lost most of my betting bank. It wasn't that big to start with so I don't have much left to trade with now. I am thinking of having a go with Betdaq because of the slightly lower commission and also the lower minimum bet size. 2 Euro instead of 4 Euro. With a small bank that could be handy for me.

The only thing is the lack of software to do the trading. I like to use BetIE mostly although I have been trying BetTraderPro which I like but I am not so keen on the monthly fees and the same with BetAngel.
I would even be tempted to have a go at wring some software myself to do the fairly simple trading I want to do on Betdaq ( I presume they have something like the Betfair API) best of all I would write it native for the Mac so that I can stop torturing myself with Windows.

Anyway all the best and I hope you get your challenges sorted out so that we can still have your updates from your blog.


The Gambler.

Ray. I was only jesting on my blog. Only included you, as I did not want to feel like you have been left out.


1. You.
2. Family.
3. Making a few quid.
4. Everything else.
5. Blog.

Hang on in there buddy. Your (virtual) friends are with you all the way.

BTW. Never take anything I say on my blog that seriously. It is probably bad for your health.


Maybe its time you gave the blog a miss for a while, im sure we all enjoy it, however youve said already, domestics, tax man and the likes are weighing heavily. Your trading head will not be right either as these things arent resolved, believe me, i know. Until you have it all sorted, I feel I speak for many people, leave the blog to one side, or maybe update once a week until you have the motivation back. Good luck with it all, keep the priorities though.

Mark Iverson

Hope everything is sorting itself out Ray - I echo the comments from the others - the blog should be low down on the list of priorities.

All the best,


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