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Still showing us how its done! Respect. :-)


Pleased to see the update Ray, keep it going, how jealous am I of those levels, one day !

keane from fareast


i wish i could be like u someday... if converted the amount u won i would hv 40k++ in my currency & thats equal to buying a decent sedan local car for a lump sum.

u r really a great trader!!! keep it up!



Hi Martin, Dave & Keane,

Thanks for your comments. The hardest thing to learn in this game is to get consistant profits and limit the losses. I try to do this by setting myself targets and not letting the odd loss get me down. It is easier to make a series of small profits than one big profit and if the trade goes wrong it does not hurt too much.

Good Luck with your trading.


Hi! I've recently launched I've already added a link to your blog/site and I'll be including your posts to the updates. Keep it up!


Hi Ray

Good to see another very good month and long may it continue...also hope those issues in your personal life are getting sorted.

I think there are many traders out there that have a bad day/week or take a big loss and think of calling it a day but after reading your blog it really does inspire in a big way, to re assess and carry on..

All the best



Hi Jimmy,
Thanks for your kind words. I hope some people do get some inspiration whilst reading my blog, that makes the effort worth while.

good Luck with your trading.


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